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Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (2)

Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (2)

Shanaya wants to use the Veto to save Renee, who is Ty’s target for the week. She knows that this will upset Ty, but she’s not going to lose an ally and friend because Ty tells her to do it. She’s also not going to let him dictate her game. Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee had a long game talk about trying to get Ty or Kuzie out of the game next.

In their minds, Kuzie and Ty are working together. They see her as his closest ally, so they need one of them gone soon. They also know that Kuzie is part of a trio with Daniel and Anika, so it makes sense to take her out. They also believe that she has the best chance to win the Big Brother Canada 11 game. Therefore, Kuzie is also a threat as just a really good player. Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee still don’t want to work with Santina, but they don’t see her as an immediate threatat least not to the same degree as Ty and Kuzie.

In fact, Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia want to work out a one-week deal to get them all together working to take out Ty. Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya even discuss different scenarios to make sure Ty goes, like if it’s a double eviction, triple eviction, or just a regular eviction this week. Shanaya wasn’t sure if she should nominate Ty initially or try to get him out via a backdoor. They generally agreed that some combination of Kuzie, Anika, and Ty needs to be at least Shanaya’s nominees if she wins the HOH.

They don’t want to nominate Daniel because they see the potential of working with him. Shanaya also isn’t sure about nominating Anika either because they have a good relationship, not a game one, but a personal one, but she would nominate her if necessary.

Claudia also said she would take a shot at Ty, but it might have to backdoor him. She said that this week really showed her that they likely can’t work together in this game. She also said she’s not picking him over her girls (Renee and Shanaya). Ty and Claudia later have a talk and he tells her that if Shanaya saves Renee, that puts a line in the sand. It’s Shanaya, not him, who is putting Claudia in the middle. This conversation clearly had hostility, so Claudia definitely seems ready to send her showmance partner to the jury house.

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Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights Monday (04/10/23) (2)

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