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Digital Dailies Highlights Wednesday (04/05/23) (3)

Digital Dailies Highlights Wednesday (04/05/23) (3)

Daniel C and Anika

Jonathan also talked to them about his worry that Ty may be able to manipulate his way back into groups and alliances. Hope also had some concerns about Kuzie and Ty’s relationship. He asked her about their conversation and Kuzie kind of felt like it shows that he doesn’t completely trust her, which is not great if they’re trying to work together in the game.

Jonathan came to Kuzie later to apologize for Hope asking her about Ty. Anika speculated later with Kuzie that Hope may have been worried about Kuzie and Ty because Santina is getting in his head. There is the worry that Hope and Santina may be closer aligned than people believe. This is why Daniel C is considering nominating Hope and Santina together. He worries about Hope’s immaturity and the fact that he can switch up his allegiance so quickly. Anika, Kuzie, and Daniel C also worry that Hope may leak information by accident.

The group of Hope, Jonathan, Daniel C, Kuzie, and Anika spoke about not being seen as much together anymore. Dan S mentioned forming a group with them, so his pitch let them know that people may now view them as an alliance.

Claudia campaigned to Santina, and her main pitch was that Ty and her were playing a separate game. Personally, she likes him but doesn’t think they’re together in the game. She also mentioned the possibility of taking out Ty. However, it didn’t seem like she was really considering that idea, at least not right now in the game.

Nevertheless, Santina kind of latched on to that idea and kept trying to encourage Claudia to go that route. She talked about how it would make her a legend, etc. Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel C also talked about being annoyed that Santina nominated Claudia and not Shanaya. They don’t feel like Shanaya has had to do anything in the game yet.

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