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Episode 18 Recap!

Episode 18 Recap

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 12 Live Eviction, Jonathan became the first member of The Crown evicted. This left the remaining Crown members against Ty, Santina, Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya. However, Ty and Santina wanted to work with the Crown, especially Santina.

However, Kuzie lost all trust in Santina when she nominated John Michael in the first week. They never really regained trust after that week. Ty also respects Kuzie’s game a lot more than he does the majority of the other Big Brother Canada 11 players, but Kuzie just sees him as a big threat.

Kuzie is the Head of Household. She has the power and will likely try to take aim at Santina or Ty this week. Arisa Cox announced that this week would result in the Fatal Feast. By the end of the meal, one player would be sent home.

So let’s dive into the Fatal Feast and this first eviction of the week.

Arisa talks about how the feast will be fatal and one will not survive the night.

BBCAN11 Week 6 HOH Fall-Out

Kuzie is safe but who will she try to target and evict this week? Will she finally make a move against the other trio?

Kuzie tells Anika that her heart is telling her to put up Santina and Ty, and to deal with the other threats (the Girlie Pops) later. The houseguests immediately become suspicious of nominations not being today.

Daniel notices the library blinking and Hope and Anika soon follows. Hope blocks the door and Anika and Daniel work to try to solve a puzzle. They try to do it in secret but Santina notices that some of the houseguests are missing.

She tries to enter the room but Hope blocks her out. She asks Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee about Hope and Daniel being missing. She tells Ty that she can’t find anyone. She tells him about the library not opening and he figures that people may be in there searching.

Santina asks Hope to let her in and Claudia notices as well. Ty pushes his way through, so Hope moves. Ty joins and Santina asks to be let in and he lets her in as well as she tries to push through.

Claudia tries as well, but can’t get in and she tells Shanaya and Renee. She finally tells Kuzie in the HOH room. Everyone in the library continues to look for clues.

They decide to let Kuzie into the library. Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya all try to push in but Hope continues to guard the door, leaving them as the only three outside of the library.

Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee continue to get annoyed as they are left out of the room. Everyone in the library realize that they have to work together to solve the puzzle, since everyone has pieces. Anika believes it’s a power and doesn’t want anyone to get it but them. They agree that if it is a power, Daniel should get it as the first person to enter the room.

They realize the puzzle is just an invitation to a feast. They realize the whole house was supposed to be involved, so Kuzie tries to invite Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia into the room. The three women are angry and don’t want to deal with the rest of the house now.

It leads to a little bit of a confrontation between the three against the rest of the house.

BBCAN11 Fatal Feast

Who will get sent packing with a chain of safety?

Anika, Kuzie, and Daniel discuss what to do if it’s a chain of safety situation at the Fatal Feast. Anika think the best solution would be to start with Hope, but they’re worried about his connection with Santina. He pushes for them to go after the Girlie Pops, but Anika believes that he’s thinking emotionally.

Everyone dresses up and arrives to the Fatal Feast. They begin to eat. Arisa comes on to tell them about the Fatal Feast and someone will be going home tonight. It starts with a chain of safety.

Kuzie starts the chain as the HOH. It will leave three to compete for safety. The winner of that will be safe, but the other two will become the nominees.

Kuzie makes Hope safe.

Hope makes Anika safe.

Anika makes Daniel safe.

Daniel makes Shanaya safe.

Shanaya makes Claudia safe.

Renee, Santina, and Ty must compete for safety.

Fatal Feast Safety Competition

Ty, Santina, and Renee must run and place candles in the chandelier. The players must go one by one and the player with the fastest time wins safety.

Renee goes first and struggles at first, but then gets in a groove. The Girlie Pops cheer her on the entire time. Anika and Kuzie offer Ty some encouragement. Ty also struggles at first but also starts to move fast.

Santina starts off good. The houseguests try to cheer her on but she asks them for silence. At the end a bunch if hers start to fall.

Ty has the fastest time and wins safety with 7:17. Santina and Renee now are up for eviction and have 30 minutes to campaign. She appeals to Ty first who asks her if she was the invisible HOH and denies it.

He said she will only vote for her if she gets anymore votes. She then tries to appeal to Daniel, Anika, Kuzie, and Hope. She says she’s all alone but Renee has Claudia and Shanaya. She also tries to campaign to Shanaya and Claudia. Renee then begins working on Daniel for his vote. Renee said that she’s tired of being the last picked.

Claudia tells her that she doesn’t have their votes. However, they sympathize with Santina being alone in the game for a while. They felt a fraction of that this morning.

BBCAN11 Week 6 Eviction Vote

Anika votes to evict Santina.

Claudia votes to evict Santina.

Daniel votes to evict Santina.

Hope votes to evict Santina.

Shanaya votes to evict Santina.

Ty votes to evict Santina.

Santina is evicted, 6-0.

BBCAN11 7 Head of Household Results

Now that the Fatal Feast has ended, Kuzie’s reign as Head of Household is over. Who will now gain the HoH power?

Join us tomorrow to find out who wins the next HOH and who ends up on the Block. Then see who wins the Power of Veto and if that results in a new target and change of nominees.

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