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Recaps Digital Dailies Monday MARCH 27, 2023!

Recaps Digital Dailies Monday MARCH 27, 2023!

Hope won POV plus 5K Kuzie tells him how proud of him she is & he beat all the big competitors too

Hope wishes they had taken Dan out instead of John Michael

He also says when he bowed down to Kuzie to get the POV that was him pledging his alliance to her. His new purpose to win more & if he wins HOH she’s safe with him. He’s worried about Jon handling the game

Kuzie doesn’t want to make a stupid move with her HOH. It doesn’t have to be big but it can’t be stupid. Hope reassures her whatever move she makes it stays between them & he promises her no more sneaky stuff after Robb he can’t lie

Hope also tried to keep Renee safe & off the block by saying he trusts her. Hope confessed to Kuzie he voted for Robb & Kuzie said she already knew & what does it matter now? She could tell & that’s why she said it doesn’t matter now

Hope says Robb was my friend. Kuzie knows & says if it was anyone she particular liked as well she would’ve done the same thing & she will. Hope says thank you. Kuz said if I know they don’t have the votes then I would too. That’s why Hope did it

Hope didn’t want Robb to go home & watch it & think ‘this guy looked me in my eyes & told me I had his vote’ he said it happened last min when he walked into DR. He just couldn’t do it. Kuz says it’s ok split milk honestly! Hope laughs

Kuz says don’t worry about it. Hope says now you know I can fight, whenever you need my services again call Hope Fitness (LOL) he’s got her & he’s gunning for HOH. She says please do! Hope asks her to pray that it’s physical. He says no one can touch me if it is

Hope tells Kuz I looked you in the eyes before POV & said I was gonna win & I did it. He says you have nothing to worry about if I win HOH. Zach pops in & says sorry Queen. Hope says we’re done anyways. He tells Kuz whenever you need my services call me & leaves

Zach asks Hope when they’re lifting? Hope wants to fold his clothes & tells Zach to come find him.Zach says he doesn’t need to talk & he just wanted to find Hope to get a workout in.He sits down anyways.Kuz did prayers to help her mind. Zach asks if she does it everyday?

Cams switch to Anika/Daniel whispering in the nook.Daniel says Ty is 💯% the 1 to get out but she’ll never do it like we can’t even push it. It’s not gonna happen so there’s no point even fighting it anymore. It’s gonna be Zach. Anika keeps saying she’ll talk to Kuz

Daniel isn’t going to push Kuz because it’s her decision, she can do what she wants to do. I’m not voting Zach out over Santina so I don’t need anybody pitching to me to do that. He was open about that before this plan was even made if that takes me outta alliances

Daniel continues he’s down on numbers anyways & probably the next target so. If what Kuz told them about Zach saying Anika/Daniel can go OTB next week is true then that’s Ty too not just Zach. Daniel says Zach is not gonna say no to that infront of Ty

Daniel questions whether Zach would actually put them up? He says 💯% no so if we’re getting rid of Zach & keeping Ty, me/u are the targets anyways. Ty’s not gonna go for Claudia/her friends. Anika thinks Ty will go for Renee/Shay. Daniel asks how she knows that?

Anika says Ty wants to control Cece & wants Renee out so she doesn’t get into her head. She had a talk with Ty last night while she was talking to Kuz. Anika looked stressed & Ty asked what she was thinking? She told him she was genuinely stressed about coming weeks

Anika told him she doesn’t know who to trust. Ty asked if she trusted him?Who did she want to go this week? Anika then said she doesn’t know if she can trust him because every time she sees him in rooms with Zach/Santina like them 3 are working together

Anika told Ty she thought they were working together & she wants to trust him but as soon as Santina throws a tantrum he’s running to rooms together. She told him to his face & she said it finds very hard to trust him. Then he explained his side

Ty told Anika that he talks to Santina because since JM left she has trust issues with the boys & last week she took an emotional step to go against the house & vote to keep Rob. I told her not to do that but she still did & he can’t talk game with her anymore

Ty told Anika that Santina is too emotional but he’s not gonna leave her alone because she’s so isolated & everyone is isolating her by herself. Anika says no one’s ignoring her but that’s what Ty said. Ty also said he wants to be there to comfort her if she’s upset

Ty told Anika that’s the type of person he is(sure thing robot)he doesn’t want Santina/Jon to be by themselves. Ty said Jon is still good because people love him but Santina doesn’t have that type of personality & it’s easy to not like her. He’s there for her emotionally

Ty then told Anika she’s so smart & why he used the POV on her. He wants to keep her in the game. She remembers dates & she would never be his target.Anika still wants Ty gone because Zach/Santina are not together. Ty will work with Cece/Santina/Dan so it’s gonna be hard

Anika thinks if Ty wins HOH he will still come after Daniel/her/Renee &he won’t put up Kuz.Anikas god forbid Santina wins &giggles.Daniel says that’s his other people, he had a relationship with Santina, it wasn’t a good 1 but it was 1 & he kinda blew that away last week

Daniel says then for this week for Santina to call us out as a group made it even worse & now we’re keeping her?!He says Kuz is setting herself up fine but she’s blowing us up.Anika says it’s all perspective tho right? Kuz genuinely thinks she is helping us from her side

Daniel sighs & gets it but he’s tired of people trying to help. Her pitch to Daniel was the only reason she wants to get rid of Zach over Ty 1st is because of what Zach is doing with Daniel(flirting) But Daniel is grown man making his own decisions

Daniel says he didn’t have to have a good relationship with him but they’re joking around & that’s his decision. Rob said something similar to be a shield for Daniel. Daniel says people need to stop trying to protect me he can protect himself. It’s so broken record

Daniel says it’s pissing him off because everyone is shooting down how others are playing dirty but they’re ALL playing dirty&the same &lying. Daniel doesn’t like being lied to by people he trusts so he’s f$@kin pissed on a game level but he can understand it

Daniel says on a personal level he’s hurt& feels played like he can’t trust anybody. Then with Zach he still feels betrayed. He doesn’t know if what Kuz is saying is true but obviously he has to take it for truth which means he can’t trust Zach either

Daniel says it’s stupid & he feels the house is going to be so boring(if Zach goes) he’ll be fine tomorrow he just needed a day of misery & laughs. Anika says of course as you should, she’s gonna get ready for a workout. He’s gonna go pretend to socialize & deep sighs

Anika goes into🟪room where Hope/Renee are talking. Hope starts singing Anika is the MPC of the house. Who’s the MPC of the house? Anika! Anika calls Hope the MPC of the house & Hope tells him to watch his mouth. Daniel comes in get his comfy & leaves

Hope says the way Jon hugged him after winning & Renee ran to him, he felt like he was football player when they get a W with the teammates. Hope gasps he forgot to bounce that ass last night in the water! Renee says but he belly slid in the comp (LOL)

Renee leaves & Hope asks if Anika is good? She says ya. He tells her they need some 1 on 1 eh? She says of course. He leaves. Cams switch to Jon/Daniel/Claudia/Shay outside before switching to Renee/Hope in the library setting up pool

Renee knows they could do really well & it’ll be fun to see the young ones run some things now. Hope thinks everyone’s starting to figure out his age now. Renee says ya think? He laughs. She thinks he should’ve bumped his age 1/2 years not 7 years

Hope says when Zach figured it out he started treating him different he’s not gonna lie. Renee knows. Hope says for real tho, do I actually look 28? Renee says no maybe from behind she would think he was older but then after— he says you met me? She says not in a bad way

Renee didn’t think he was as young as he is. But he didn’t think he was as old if that makes sense? Hope hears her. Renee says good for you. Hope says 23 Renee. She says you’re not 23. He says I told you I’m 23. She thought he was 21?! He says you’re tripping

Renee says ohh you’re not that much younger. He says I’m 1999. She says ohh! Hope asks if she saw him do a Lebron thing with the water. Renee says she saw the whole show! He struggling to get grip to play pool. Hope wants to play an honest game now & not lie

Hope wants to stay true to himself & he feels like Renee knows him. Renee says she feels like she has a good understanding of Hope & she’s gonna learn more & she’s happy that he’s doing his own thing.Hope says so you know who the 4th person was right? Renee guesses Zach?

Renee says it was you? Well at least your honest about it. Hope says you knew right away tho. Renee says that’s why I asked you but she was gonna believe him when he told her it wasn’t. She asks if they know that? Hope says Zach/Ty know. She’s surprised

Renee asks if Vanessa was the 3rd? Hope says no. Renee says who is it then? Hope says that’s the question/mystery that’s how much he trusts Renee. Renee thinks he’s putting his trust in the right person. He knows. Renee wonders who it was

Renee says honestly the votes are in the past & she’s not even gonna tell people his vote it’s whatever. She says it was a pity vote & she’s glad he told her. She asks if Rob knew Hope was voting for him? Hope nods yes & he knew when Rob watches, it was real to Hope

Hope says he can’t do that with anyone else here it wasn’t fake with Rob.He knew what the votes were looking like regardless of what he did.Renee says well let’s make sure you don’t do anymore pity votes because they matter now.Hope has to worried about who gets close to

Hope says that’s who I am, you know?Renee knows & says that’s a good trait about you but it’s a trait you have to watch who knows about you because they will use it to their advantage. She won’t hold that against him. She wonders who the 3rd vote was?

Renee asks Hope if the guys were mad that he voted for Rob to stay? Hope says no I told them because Rob was my friend. Renee says what did they say? Hope says they just wanted the truth & he apologized but the moment Ty/Zach we’re going against Rob he wasn’t with it

Hope told Ty/Zach he made sure the numbers were there 1st before he did vote to keep Rob. Renee says at least we know 3.Hope says he can’t lie, that’s something he’s not good at. Renee knows&she was still gonna believe it.Hopes not worried about Santina. Neither is Renee

Hope says Santina can play her game. Renee agrees there’s bigger fish to fry. Hope says no real shit. Renee tells him NOT to flip on the vote this week whatever it turns out to be. Whoever Kuz wants removed you gotta stay strong. Hope says Kuz will talk to her tho

Cams switch to Anika/Kuz in HOH. Kuz is explaining why she would pick Zach to go home over is Ty is upfront & aggressive. Zach moves like a rat, he will bite your feet & then blow on it to numb your pain. 2) he’s playing this dirty game flirting with Daniel

Kuz tells Anika that Daniel is there guy & they can’t have his head out of the game as long as Zach is here Daniel will be split. We need his head in the game. Anika agrees. Kuz is not trying to weaken Daniel or anything. She’s trying to strengthen him

Kuz says Daniel can play without Zach trying to control him. If Daniel wins HOH Zach is taking it by storm. Kuz doesn’t like the way Zach has been moving.He walks around here like he’s King. Anika agrees.Kuz hates Zach’s demeanour. At least when Ty disagrees he’s upfront

Kuz says Ty talks his rubbish & gets mad.Zach comes here every morning trying to kiss my cheek & he likes me so much?Why are you doing that?Anika says he’s kissing your ass. She tells Kuz about her & Ty’s chat yesterday & how she was upfront with him about being stressed

Anika retells the convo about being unsure about trusting Ty & working together when he’s always in rooms with Zach/Santina. She sees him prioritizing them over her. She told Ty she sees him running after Santina when she throws a tantrum

Ty told Anika that he doesn’t talk game with Santina & on a personal level he likes her & he’s gonna make an effort with her since JM left she has trust issues.Kuz tells Anika Ty said her name to her 2 days ago for if wins HOH next week. She tells Anika not to believe Ty

Anika says the problem for next week is if Ty/Dan/Santina win HOH they will put 2 of us 6 OTB together. She says then they’ll fight each other instead of together. Kuz says at the same time even if she sends home Renee, they’re still going to do that to them

Kuz says they want complete power. To them right now,they’re 3 but we are 6. So whichever way it goes they will still come after them.Kuz believes she’s the 1st they will go after.Anika doesn’t think Ty will go after Kuz.Kuz thinks he will because he’s very pissed @ her

Ty has been telling Kuz not to touch Dan. Kuz says at this point Dan is your number. She doesn’t care about Dan so she will put him if she wants. Ty then said Kuz was messing up his numbers & ruining his game. Kuz said but that’s your game. Dan pops in & wants the music

Kuz gives Dan the music to listen to in the bathroom. Kuz waits for the music to start then to talk. Kuz says it’s not a priority to put this guy(Dan) up. Dan hears a song he was telling Kuz about that he liked, he runs over to let her listen

Anika tells Kuz she will vote how Kuz wants if that’s Zach ok. She’s pointing out if Ty stays he’s close to Santina/Claudia/Dan. Kuz doesn’t think Ty is that close to Claudia. Anika says even tho she can see thru his shit, he was still hugging her infront of us

Anika points out that Ty is still good with Kuz. Dan has a higher chance of winning comps then Zach. Lets say Zach stays,Santina/him don’t let along. Anika says Zach has a target already & he’s not no one other then Daniel C. He doesn’t have Cece either

Kuz tells Anika to look at it morals as well. Morals are coming into play & I’m not considering just the game. I’m considering everything at play. To Kuz, she won’t enjoy this game seeing Zach still here. He did what he did week1,week2 & she will feel horrible

Kuz says Ty she doesn’t care he can have his connections. If she loses to Ty, she can lose happily. But she can’t if she loses to Zach. Anika understands. Kuz says Zach angers her, Dan scares her. There’s a difference & she doesn’t want to be in the house with anger

Kuz says the way that he plays, she can’t let him get away with the way he’s playing. Ty has been taking the backseat & letting Zach take the hits. Zach has been blindly taking the hits. That type of person she doesn’t want to be associated with that

Kuz says Ty is gone? Fine I still see Zach playing with Daniel & I don’t want any association with Zach. Anika says that’s fine she’s good either way. She asks Kuz if she told Ty about putting Zach up? Kuz says no. Anika says Ty wanted to talk to Anika today

Anika says she wanted make sure her/Kuz were on the same page befor that. Kuz says Zach has been saying to Renee you’re lucky you’re a pretty face. Kuz says what kinda comment is that? At least Ty is a comp threat that’s great keep the game interesting

Anika worries Ty is coming after her/Kuz next week that’s the problem. Kuz thinks Ty will go after Renee 1st. He doesn’t mind putting Anika OTB or Kuz esp after this when she tells him. Kuz says she will be the target not Anika

Ty wanted Kuz not to fall on the wrong side because if she does, all they’ll see is Kuz. Kuz says if Dan knows all the rubbish I’ve talked about him & wins, it’s me. Anika wonders why Ty keeps telling her she’s smart & wants to play with her. Kuz says that’s how Ty plays

Kuz says Zach plays grimey, she doesn’t like that. Kuz says to flirt with somebody & make them fall for you when they’re crying real tears? I don’t like that even in the real world. Kuz will be happy if Ty manages to take her out

Kuz says if she’s OTB with Anika she will campaign for Anika to stay. Anika says noo. Kuz says at this point it’s pissing her off now if Ty stays I’m the target even Daniel is saying that to her. Kuz will make it a point to tell Ty to put her up

Anika doesn’t think Ty will put up Kuz. Kuz says Ty won’t like her after this &at this point if all she does is take Zach out she’s fine with it. She will go home & eat her biscuits. Zach needs to go because of the way he moves it angers her & has for a while now

Kuz gets that Ty is a bigger threat but she would be a fool if she didn’t go for Zach at this point. She’s also thinking about the world & what they can see going on in here. She’s sure we can see what they see(oh we can!) she agrees Ty was involved in week1/2