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Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday (04/11/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday (04/11/23)

Today's Drop, Hope and Jonathan are now BOTH on the block

TY was apparently dancing in the Dark and Jonathan devastated his on the block but plans to handle it with class and true to who he is

Jonathan looking for some alone time to work out how he can survive the eviction

Claudia and Shanaya tell Jonathan if he needs anything ask because they are here for him

TY tell's Claudia to play her game even if she has to go against him

TY tell's Claudia he doesn't want to influence how she plays her game and he's not here to pressure her

TY thinks Jonathan will be evicted

HOPE has told TY the plans about the girls coming from him

TY Say's to Hope he will try his best to convince claudia to save him

Hope say's he he won't bash Jonathan in his pitch to stay

Hope Say's hes going full commando and Kuzie teases him saying naked? - KUZIE say's to hope she will work with TY to get the girls out

KUZIE is planning to vote out Jonathan and apparently Santina is also doing the same (So she say's) - Kuzie tell's hope she needs him to stay for her game

Santina becomes the crucial vote on who will be leaving this week, If she sticks to Kuzie's plan Jonathan will be leaving

TY trying REALLY hard to persuade Claudia to vote out Jonathan

Sad day for the crown - BUT 2 alliances are ready for battle next week The Girls vs The Crown both aiming for big targets, Kuzie going all out bringing in TY and Wild Card Santina for this battle - as it stands Santina is now the swing vote on who will leave this week

Anika - He(Ty) was even saying he just should've put up CC. After the POV, CC made some comments made Ty realize that CC's not the person she is. 'I should've put up CC instead'. Jon - No offense to Hope but I bring a lot more experience

Ty - I think I can get Claudia to do me the one favor.. stressed.. hand over her eyes LOL

Ty - These girls are fucking stupid.. I'm gonna slam'er..

Hope - Offer myself.. throw them right up.. I'm with you guys

Ty - Might work against you.. they're all dead to me even Claudia.. Dan tried the same thing

Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya on Ty

Renee - He's really on a spiral .. this might be worse than Zach's

Santina - Without Canada.. I'd be up on that block. I feel everything happens for a reason. This week has changed so much

D - I want competitors to be at the end

Santina- I know.. who I would vote for

D - People that are not playing

Santina- What are you doing with your week

Kuzie - So if Santina's voting your wa.. You're staying 100%..

Hope - CC .. I always knew she was trouble

Kuzie - It will be my pleasure to get that girl out. It would be my pleasure.

Hope - No, she said that she's gonna talk to them.. Santina said she's by herself. She needs people to mingle with She says Jonny's a great guy but she told me he's not good for her game

Hope - So are we workin with Ty?

Kuzie - As needed.. more important to get these girls out. I don't think they're deserving of a win. They do not deserve to have made it this far. At all. If Ty takes me out so be it.. But if freakin Shanaya takes me out.. Shanaya take ME out?!

Kuzie - As long as Santina doesn't change her vote you're good.. Jonny's great.. nice.. however.. it's you I need personally

Hope - We had everything. Do you think Ty

Kuzie - Never. Never. LOL

Claudia - Hope came upstairs.. 'Do you think we can work together.. chaotic energy

Ty - Not a great strategy mind. If someone has a strat..He'd be willing to work with us to move forward.. he's an easy person to put up

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Recaps Digital Dailies Tuesday (04/11/23)

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