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Tonight's Show Episode 15 Recap!

Tonight's Show Episode 15 Recap!

The Thursday Big Brother Canada 11 episode ended with the start of this week’s Head of Household Competition. It was an endurance competition that involved the houseguests holding onto buoys. This is not a competition made for bigger people, so some of the men in the game automatically seemed out of the running. This made it seem like this competition would result in a woman winning the Head of Household Competition.

Either way, the house was pretty set on targeting Renee or Santina. The house still wasn’t one hundred percent sure who was the Invisible Head of Household, but the majority of the house (who didn’t already know) had narrowed it down to those two.

Tonight we’ll watch a new houseguest gain control and see who he or she decided to target.

BBCAN11 Week 5 HOH

This is a competition that really involves a player showing their mental and physical strengths. It’ll be interesting to see who lasts the longest and ultimately wins the competition.

It rains on houseguests as they hang on their buoys. Daniel is the first to fall out of the competition. Almost everyone really wants to win, especially Ty, Renee, and Santina. Ty to avenge Dan. Renee and Santina to avoid being targets.

Kuzie volunteers to come off when 5,000 Wendy’s points are offered. Anika decides to just come off after her. Jonathan then falls off. Hope comments that he is the only Crown member still in the competition. He makes the joke about being their only Hope.

It’s been over 2 hours and everyone is struggling, but mainly Shanaya. Santina can’t hold on any longer and falls. Ty tried to get in Renee’s head to drop. She promises him that she’s not the HOH and falls off.

It’s down to Hope, Ty, Claudia, and Shanaya. Ty says bus military training has made this his competition to win. Shanaya falls off next.

It’s been over five hours and Claudia, Ty, and Hope. Big Brother comes on and tells them they are now only allowed to hold on with one arm. Ty refuses to make deals. He says he will only allow Claudia or him to win it. This is all said in the DR. Claudia falls off next.

Ty and Hope being to really struggle to hold on. Hope falls first.

Ty is the new Head of Household.

Ty celebrates his victory with Claudia. In the DR, he then talks about his plan to take out Renee or Santina this week. He wants to put them both on the Block and then take out Santina.

Ty tells Claudia that he wasn’t afraid of Hope winning HOH. He just knows he’s unpredictable but doesn’t plan to nominate Hope. Claudia tries to suggest Kuzie or Anika as alternates to nominate Renee this week. He isn’t really receptive to the idea.

Ty wants to get out Renee because he also thinks it will help his game relationship with Claudia, because she won’t have someone going against him in her ear. He talks about Renee and Santina going up on the Block. Claudia suggests Hope.

He doesn’t want to send Hope home, but he pitches him going up next to Santina, so he can save Renee as a backup plan if Santina wins Veto. Hope agrees to be a nominee, but only does so that he can continue to be on Ty’s good side to go against him later.

Santina asks Ty if he plans to nominate her but he doesn’t give her a concrete answer. He then denies them ever working together.

BBCAN11 Week 5 Nominations

This week’s Head of Household has the extra complication of the Belairedirect Protection Insurance vote. This could make a houseguest safe that the Head of Household planned to target. If it does, who will the HOH target and nominate this week?

Shanaya reads the news that Canada has give the Belairdirect Protection Insurance to Santina. This is the of these votes all season. Everyone is shocked by the vote and a lot of people are upset by the win. However, Santina is loving her win.

Ty then tells Renee that she’s going on the Block next to Hope.

Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee discuss how Ty would rather protect Anika and Kuzie over them. Claudia tries to pitch again to get Ty to keep Renee off the Block. It doesn’t work because he’s set on keeping his nominees as Hope and Renee.

He then pulls Renee, Shanaya in a room with Claudia. They break down how this will lead to her eviction. Ty argues that Renee never showed him any loyalty.

Ty nominates Hope and Renee for eviction.

Other Notes

Are showmances showmancing? Are any fun games happening? What about some parties? Here’s some other stuff that happened in the episode.

Anika makes breakfast for everyone and but Santina complains how the waffles are tasteless. They then get in a disagreement. The word “rude” and “b*tch” is thrown around.

Ty takes Claudia to his Wendy’s date. Erica from Big Brother Canada 7 delivers their meal.

Make sure to join us tomorrow for another Big Brother Canada 11 recap.

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