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Recaps Digital Dailies Wednesday (04/12/23)

Recaps Digital Dailies Wednesday (04/12/23)

Today's Drop, Dam it was emotional - plans are changing daily, Turns out Hope did something with TY that made people question he's loyalty - Kuzie also worked out TY was trying to get The Crown and Girly Pops to fight it out, instead they came together to target TY

Jonathan feels like he will be walking out the door on Thursday

Jonathan make's a strong pitch to Renee to keep him in the game

Santina knows she is the swing vote, Jonathan tell's Santina Hope could benefit your game so do what's best for your game

Santina say's she now has to pick a side, does she pick The Crown OR the Shady Bunch

Looks like Santina has made her mind up, she's crying

Kuzie talks about the benefits of Jonathan and Hope, Kuzie say's Hope needs monitoring

Kuzie say's she want's TY's plans to fail, Anika say's TY fucked up and telling them to vote for hope

Kuzie appears to be swaying to vote out Hope just to piss TY off

Kuzie and Anika being pissed off with TY might just have saved Jonathan

Jonathan tell's Kuzie and Anika to tell him beforehand so he can wear his nice jacket for eviction if he's leaving

Jonathan talks about the women in this season are impressive they are like queens

Jonathan leaves the bedroom - Kuzie say's for me I would keep Jonathan we don't need another TY in in this house, Hope apparently told Anika that Jonathan will sell them out

Kuzie say's my gut say's Jonathan to stay because Hope messed up with consequences to actions

There's a storm brewing inside the house, will all the women come together to get TY out?

Santina the week's Safety Winner, Swing Vote, and former Invisible HOH comes in LOL

Renee states she was not feeling the full support of the girls..

Anika - Going Forward.. there's going to be a lot of .. he said this she said this.. appreciate we talk about it

Renee - Not offended.. observations

C - We've come this far to have 6 women sitting in the top 10

How they talk about Claudia's mans in front of Claudia everyday 🤣

Renee - I love being threatened to start my week off LOL

Renee - We're likely waking into a double or a triple.. very convenient to hit each other

Santina - I feel what you're feeling when you were told you were stuck on an island.. I been told that for a while.. I always come and be like, do you girls not like me.. when you're told that once or twice .. it doesn't feel comfortable..

Kuzie tell's the shady bunch we need to get our head's together in this game

Kuzie has worked out she's being played by TY, TY's plan was to deflect attention from him so Crown vs Girly Pops war breaks out (Clever girl)

Awkward. TY just caught all the girls talking game

Claudia say's how shocked TY looked when he walked in and caught them all

Santina asks Claudia is TY still pushing for hope to stay

Shanaya appears to be voting to keep Jonathan, She don't trust hope

Santina is concerned for Jonathan's wellbeing, she doesn't want the game to effect him mentally - if Jonathan stay's he needs to know how hard it's going to get

The effect of the girls working together had a strange effect on TY, he's dismantling the Library looking for protection LOL

Jonathan say's he does not want to disrespect TY in his speech, and tells Santina again do best for her game even if it means voting him out

Santina - This week is so crucial.. I see the house split and I'm in the middle. These girls don't see Hope as an asset. Someone's going to be upset.. I'm that middle number.. Which side is going to actually have my back

Santina tells Jonathan she cares about him.

Talk about the next eviction.. double.. triple

Kuzie - Finesse Ty.. one of these babes

Anika - Backdooring will be risky

Jonathan - I agree. Thinking Rene.. will like to keep the Santina relationship going

Anika- That's fine..

Kuzie - Get him out(T) other girls, we can take care of them. HOH back 2 back.

Jonathan - She will go after the girls(S) 110% right now I can make that happen. She might come back to you guys.

Anika - Tell Santina.. in however way you want.. Ty is gonna tell you..

Jonathan - Build things

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